THINH PHU FURNITURE – TPF specializes in high quality wood furniture with a wide range of outdoor – indoor furniture and accessories.

Our Vision is to be “One of the most reliable and best suppliers of furniture in Vietnam”

Our Mission is to be “Your factory in Vietnam making products for your best benefits”

Our Values:

    • Quality driven: each member in the factory is an individual QC for the parts they are making. Only high quality parts are accepted to make best quality final products.
    • Your factory: providing us your ideal products, we would make them at most affordable prices for you.
    • Best services: we care about you and your needs. Our dynamic and active sales team is always available to listen and serve your inquiries and solve any problems occurred.
    • Maintain consistency and improvement: we have QC team to make sure the quality consistent, besides that our team always looks for best solutions to make better products.
    • Move with the world: our collections are updated all the time, keeping up with the world’s trends constantly.
    • Ethical at all stages: our materials are only from legally harvested plantation.



Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

June 29, 2016

Vietnam Outdoor Furniture – Buying trend Vietnam outdoor furniture has been famous for its high quality and reasonable prices, especially…